Principled Baker - Bake PBR textures with a few clicks (for 2.80 and 2.79)

Hey Daniel, love the add-on, super helpful for making game assets and stuff! I’ve been using 2.79 version of the tool for some time now, and yesterday downloaded the latest build Principled Baker 2.80.

However the new version keeps bugging me about ‘permission denied’ when trying to bake. The output folder for the textures does not seem to make a difference for the permissions. I’ve tried to change the output from my local folders to cloud folders and even straight to external media (usb) but just cant make it bake anywhere.

I do not think my computer has any restricted permissions so I wonder why that error keeps popping up. Im using MacOS 10.13.6 High Sierra running Blender 2.80 (sub 75) version. Also tried with the new experimental 2.81-alpha build but it has the same ‘permission denied’ problem.

Have you encounterd or heard about this before?


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Thanks for reporting! This looks like a bug.
The permission checking might be a bit too harsh. I have no Mac for testing, but I’ll try to fix this as soon as possible next week.

:As a quick workaround, you could do this:

  • go to your blender scripts/addons folder
  • open in the principled baker add-on folder
  • replace check = self.check_file_path() with check = True (or remove/comment out the block under the comment # Check file path)

I’ve put this quick fix in an other branch:


Incredible! Thank you so much, works like a charm now!

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update 0.5.2

  • detection of value differences option
  • detection of connected nodes option

The update is for 2.80 only, too.


update 0.5.3

  • missing return True in file path check

Please update! Version 0.5.2 is broken.


update 0.5.4

  • alpha to color not working

Change a little. Break a little. :crazy_face:


i been playing with this addon for a few days, is a must for game production like texture atlasing!

Is there a way to bake in different channels (like roughness in alpha channel and specular to R-channel) for texture optimizatión?

Yes, there is. Scroll all the way down to the second last panel “Combine Channels” and combine baked results to your liking. Here is a quick howto combine channels.

Is there a way to bake reflections/shine onto the textures? Like how the way blenders default baking does it.

The add-on uses the baking with cycles only. The bake options from the blender renderer in 2.79 are not available and I stopped the development of Principled Baker for 2.79 a while ago.

My mind is no good so I have to ask…how do I tell PB which texture to work on? Is there documentation or video link?

Is there a video link showing the steps used? I’ve not found it.

Hi Any idea why I get this error?

RuntimeError: Error: Image 'FiboBlocks_color.png.005' could not be saved to 'C:\Users\Flatron\Downloads\blender-2.81a-windows64\blender-2.81a-windows64\D\PrincipledBakes\test\FiboBlocks\FiboBlocks_color.png'

This while I gave up the location to save the bakes to: D:\test

Just guessing but have you tried to open Blender as Administrator?

Thanks, that did the trick. I never needed to run Blender as admin for any other addon, as far as I remember, but that works.

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There’s any tutorial that enable an userfriendlier approach?

Thanks for this awesome addon! Have demo the basic here in hope it comes to light soon.


Hi, recently I have been using your great addon, and I found some minor bugs (minor = useable but not entirely working correctly).
The first bug is that for some reason I can’t use my gpu for rendering (works fine with the cpu).
The other problem is that the output color texture is much brighter than the original (the value is multiplied by 2).
If I recall correctly, I already reported the second problem a while ago and you have fixed it, maybe it’s due to the viewer node which for some reason has its value on half by default.

I’m seeing a weird behavoir: If I use any other output path than “//”, I get a location not found error. Is anyone else seeing this? I tried making Blender run as administrator, but I still get the error.

Any known fix for this?


Long time no see.

I’ll work myself back into Blender within the next weeks and fix the issues.