Principled Baker - Bake PBR textures with a few clicks

I’m seeing a weird behavoir: If I use any other output path than “//”, I get a location not found error. Is anyone else seeing this? I tried making Blender run as administrator, but I still get the error.

Any known fix for this?


Long time no see.

I’ll work myself back into Blender within the next weeks and fix the issues.


I have just tried this addon. It is really amazing. I expect it to save me quite a lot of repetitive actions. Thanks a lot for sharing!

Thx, BTW, while using it I thought about two more suggestions, The First one is simply adding a “use material name as prefix” (instead of “object name”) which is how I prefer sorting my Textures\materials.
The second one is a little bit more complicated, so I explain it with my use case.
Sometimes I want to bake material which can be tiled seemlessly through large UV, currently, I use a plane with the material I want to bake and when I bake it its preserve the tiling of the original texture, this way I can easily edit any image texture and combine it with my procedural workflow.
So, what do you think about adding a “bake to UV’s boundary” option?
And again, thank you for this awesome add-one. :grin:

There’s no progress bar with this add-on? :laughing:

Seems to work exactly as advertised, and although it contains many options, the autodetect worked fine, and I even managed to tweak some settings and get it to work on my first attempt! :+1:

EDIT: Whoops, seems the output is a world space normal map, and not the “standard” tangent space normal map? Not sure how to use this… (also, my target platform is Unreal Engine, so now I need to investigate how that works as well).

EDIT 2: Maybe it is tangent space after all, but still some weird stuff is happening…

EDIT 3: No, baking other models turns them black after applying the normal map. Help? :slight_smile:

@DanielEngler Hey ! Thanks for this addon !
Do you plan on adding name-pairing feature ? It would be really awesome !
Or maybe have a collab with BakeWrangler if the author is willing too. It would be absolutely awesome and finally make Blender good for baking. Because let’s face it… in the current state, baking in Blender without addon is a pain.

I had some issues with my computer. First hardware. Than stupid Windows. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Now, I installed Manjaro and had to setup everything. This is much better now. :grin:

The issue with progress bar is a never ending one… :roll_eyes:

The baked normal maps should work fine in blender. Not sure how not?

Just flip the green channel. Look over there:

Can you replicate this? Could be a bug and bugs need to be fixed.

I think this is a (now fixed) bug. If not, can you replicate this?

Added “First Material Name as (second or third) Prefix” to Prefix/Suffix Settings.

With UV islands over the borders you will can have visible issues. Better use UDIM.

Baking with UDIM: We can wait, till it is possible with blender itself. Or: It is possible now with temporarily shifting UV maps around. Very hacky!

I’ll try to see if I can make an example to replicate what I saw for you… but… ahem… can I ask you to take a look at this in the meantime? I’m having trouble running it when several objects are selected at once, and I’m guessing you made that too? :sweat_smile:

I totally missed your issue report from February!
I fixed it. Should work now. :grin:

Hi Daniel thank you for this useful add-on.
I have a question: when i bake more then 1 object, the baking time gets longer after every object, as if the add-on would re-bake parts of previous objects to the object it bakes at the moment. For example: first one takes 1 min second object 1,3 min, then 2 min then 2,5 and so on. The last object takes 30 minutes. It is not because it bakes the object in order of complexity starting at the simplest one. When i bake every object as a single job, every object needs less then 1 minutes and the bake is perfect. It would be great if you could help me out. I bake in Cycles, use Blender 2.82a and got your program from here:
Thanks, D.

Hi Daniel. Your adon is just amazing. All paid addon are crap compare to yours. Only question i have. Is it posible to have clear image option. I need to bake another mesh to the same map as previous bake. So i need clear image box unchecked. Is it possible to donate your project. Many thanks. Jan

Not sure if im doing something wrong

In Blender 2.82 and 2.83
The diffiuse / color is always darker when baked

And if I bake it manually its the correct brightness

Whoops it looks like it was my fault

Accidently put this into Minus. It works now lol

If i had this 1 week ago… :frowning:

Long time no see.
I’ll rework parts of the code in the next weeks. The reason for the rework is to make new features and maintenance more easy. The add-on got way bigger than originally planned and the code got messy very quick.
Also, bugs have to be fixed. The batch mode still has a stupid overhead bug, that can results in minutes of useless computing time with many objects/materials.


The addon is incredibly useful! Thank you very much!

I have 1 question: What “Ambient Occlusion” checkbox in “Autodetect/Bake List” does when I’m baking Selected to active? Whats the source of the “AO” ?

Thank you!

The Ambient Occlusion comes from the Ambient Occlusion node in the shader node tree. It’s the same for Selected to Active.

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Thank you very much for this amazing add-on. It really helps me in creating game assets with out the need of other expensive software.

what is the current version?

is there a stable version for EEVEE?

does it work with E-cycles?

Do you have an instruction manual?

is there a way to bake without the shape of the object / UV?
resulting in a square image?


I get the following error in Blender 2.83.4

Using v0.5.5 of the baker Principled Baker