Principled Baker (for blender 2.8 and 2.79) (bake PBR textures from Principled BSDF nodes)

Please could it possible to fix this? When you baking few objects on the same UV space to get one map for item that consists few separated objects your addon bake maps for each obect. In standard baker you just bake so many objects as you want and get one map. Would be cool to get option (checker box) like “Bake maps for individual objects” or something like this. And if user wish he can bake for every selected object by map, but by default addon going to bake in general map all selected objects.

Thanks for your input! I know the results from shared UV space is an issue. I’ll try to tackle this in one of the next updates.
I wasn’t sure how to implement this in a (at least half) user friendly way. I think “Bake maps for individual objects” (what the add-on currently does) as option is a good idea. That the current behavior is different to what blender does, is a good point, too, because it’s unexpected behavior. Also, who doesn’t like new features. :smile:
This will be the three bake modes:

  • bake shared (standard; not sure how to name it)
  • bake individual single/batch (as it is now) as option
  • bake selected to active

update 0.2.4:

  • 3 bake modes: Combined, Single/Batch, Selected to Active
  • Material ID (two methods to define Material ID Colors; see Addon Preferences)
  • Auto Lightmap Pack option
  • fixed: Selected to Active samples not working
  • fixed: shared material color always white
  • fixed: Selected to Active prefix

This update changes the default behavior!

  • Combined (new default): Bake a single selected object or bake multiple selected objects with shared UV maps. This is like Blenders default bake.
  • Single/Batch (previous default): Bake every selected object separately.
  • Selected to Active: Does what it says.


  • Auto Smart UV Project not available in Blender 2.79 for multiple objects (bake mode: Combined)
  • with Material Name to define the Material ID Colors: Duplicate colors are possible! I found ~6500 in an english dictionary with ~466.000 words.

I hope everything works fine. :slight_smile:

Is “_MatID” a good default suffix for a material ID map?

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When I select multiple objects and bake “Combined” it combines normalmaps, but color, roughness and metal are baked only from last selected object.

This happens when you release in a rush. :roll_eyes:
I’ll fix it. Just be a little patient this time. I’m rewriting parts of the add-on, because it got bigger than originally planned and the new features are just “squeezed in”.

update 0.2.5:

  • baking in Eevee/Workbench by temporarily switching to Cycles - This may crash Blender 2.80 beta!
  • Create New Material/Add New Material as two separat options
  • Mapping and Texture Coordinate nodes for new material
  • fixed: results in Combined mode partially black
  • fixed: Vertex Color baking only with material
  • fixed: empty material slot removal
  • fixed: color outputs in factor inputs not BW
  • fixed: wrong material ID colors with shared materials (by slot/hue)

Baking “in” Eevee did crash Blender 2.80 beta sometimes! I had no crashes with the recent builds while testing.

As always, I hope everything works fine and I didn’t miss a test.

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update 0.2.6

  • fixed: ‘image’ referenced before assignment without Create New Material

update 0.2.7

  • bake diffuse direct/indirect (only for Combined and Single/Batch, does not work properly for Selected to Active)
  • influence settings for normals working (see Render (tab) > Bake > Bake Type = Normal > Influence)
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update 0.2.8

  • update to changes in Image nodes and Principled BSDF nodes in Blender 2.80

Update the add-on, if you use one of the recent Blender 2.80 beta builds!

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update 0.2.9

  • fixed: non-mesh objects in selected objects causing problems

The add-on is not working with current blender 2.80 beta build (May 17). Please wait or use older build. Test with build from May 14 was working.

update 0.3.0

  • fixed: diffuse image colorspace not in sRGB

The add-on should work fine now with the recent builds.