PrincipledHair v HairBSDF

(Roken) #1

I’m trying with an ongoing (i.e. improve it whenever I can) scene with a character with hair.

Now, using old school HairBSDF, I can get reasonable results with smoothing turned on, and life is good. I’m attempting to convert the hair material to the principled hair shader, and with smoothing on, the results are horrible, being very blotchy.

Comparison renders at the same settings:


(Roken) #2

And using Principled

Screenshot_2018-09-14_22-55-47 Screenshot_2018-09-14_22-55-27

(Roken) #3

Am I going wrong somewhere?

(abdoubouam) #4

Is the denoiser disabled? it looks like what you’d get when you try denoising hair

(Roken) #5

Denoiser is enabled on both. With the original Hair BSDF shader there’s no issue with denoising. It’s only the Principled Hair shader that has an issue.

(abdoubouam) #6

could it be the hair BSDF needing more samples for a relatively noise-free result, thus generating more noise for the same amount of samples and destroying your renders?
Try both without denoiser and compare

(Roken) #7

I’ve been experimenting, but it needs an insane number of samples to get a clean render.

I am noticing that the finer the hair, the more noise, so also experimenting with that. It may simply be that the Principled Hair shader isn’t quite ready, yet.

(abdoubouam) #8

I have tested it before and I didn’t notice a significant difference between the two (aside from the different result because they’re obviously different shaders), but my build is a few weeks old, so maybe there’s something wrong now