Print around the object

Hi everybody,I’m new in the community.
I made a 3D model of a slides of fruits for a graphic design project, all the model have cylindrical shape and them own texture.
Now I need to print all the surface of the object with the texuture,360 degree.
I was thinking to bake, but I’m not sure how to do it.

UV images or procedural textures ?

happy bl

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The problem is that I need to take the texture of the model.I’m trying to bake but something is not working

then explain what you did
and we might be able to help

did you create an empty image before baking
and is this in cycles ?

happy bl

Yes I create a new imagine in the UV editor, then in the material a create an image texture and I put as picture the image that I create in the uv.Then I baked using the setting Diffuse.
The final result is a black canvas and all the model became black if watch in the texture mode.
I’m using Cycles render
Thanks for them help

do you have only one object or more and one material or more ?

if more then one mat you need to add a blank image for each material

happy bl

I have more the one object a lot of material ,but I’m try to bake just a side of a fruit where is apply just one material.
I tried now ,started form beginning,and it went quite well.
I think I did something wrong before
Thank you so much for the help