Print dir() not working

Hi, as the title says, when i print dir(object) it doesn´t return the functions but says error in line X, nothing more.
even with the most simple script:

from bge import logic as gl
own = gl.getCurrentController().owner
print dir(own)

btw, the little arrow in the console points to the “dir”… did that change in 2.5? (i used that in 2.49 alot)

Edit: print (dir(own)) works :stuck_out_tongue:

In python 3, which Blender 2.5 uses, “print” became a function instead of a special thing, so it always needs parentheses around whatever you want to print. Your edit shows you figured that out, but just making this clear for anyone else reading this thread - it doesn’t have anything to do with dir(), but rather print().