Print Shortcuts

Hey there,

is it possible to print the Shortcut list under “User Preferences >> Input” ?? -I tried to export them but the py file does not contain any Shotcuts.

Thanks Polygonaut

It really should… I just exported the shortcuts and I got:

import bpy
import os

def set_kmi_prop(kmiprops, prop, value, kmiid):
    if hasattr(kmiprops, prop):
        setattr(kmiprops, prop, value)
        print("Warning: property '%s' not found in keymap item '%s'" % (prop, kmiid))

wm = bpy.context.window_manager
kc =[0])

# Map Window
km ='Window', space_type='EMPTY', region_type='WINDOW', modal=False)

kmi ='wm.window_duplicate', 'W', 'PRESS', shift=True, ctrl=True, alt=True)
kmi ='wm.read_homefile', 'N', 'PRESS', ctrl=True)
kmi ='wm.save_homefile', 'U', 'PRESS', ctrl=True)
kmi ='wm.call_menu', 'O', 'PRESS', shift=True, ctrl=True)
set_kmi_prop(, 'name', 'INFO_MT_file_open_recent', 'wm.call_menu')
kmi ='wm.open_mainfile', 'O', 'PRESS', ctrl=True)
kmi ='wm.open_mainfile', 'F1', 'PRESS')
kmi ='wm.link_append', 'O', 'PRESS', ctrl=True, alt=True)
kmi ='wm.link_append', 'F1', 'PRESS', shift=True)


And it goes on like this over 600+ lines. Starting from the first “kmi=”, it reads:

[SHIFT CTRL ALT W] window_duplicate
[CTRL N] read_homefile
[CTRL U] save_homefile
[SHIFT CTRL O] call_menu "INFO_MT_file_open_recent"
[CTRL O] open_mainfile
[F1] open_mainfile
[CTRL ALT O] link_append
[SHIFT F1] link_append


Hmmmm… my exported list looks like this when opened with Notepad

import bpy
import os

wm = bpy.context.window_manager
kc =[0])

Is it possible to check somewhere if all dependencies that blender need to function correct are installed(Windows 7 64bit Sp1, Blender 2.68a) ?

:eek: Something is obviously missing.

Sorry, I can’t help you about Windows, I’ve been a Linux guy since… last century. :wink: All I can advise is to update your Blender and see if the problem still occurs.

Unfortunately it is the same with the latest official blender release. no short cuts on export for me :frowning: