Print to PDF?

Is there an inexpensive program that will print a web page to a PDF file? That would be very useful for saving tutorials. One that would plug into Mozilla Firebird would be perfect, but any ideas/info is helpful. (The reason for saving as PDF is to have them in an uncluttered format that can be backed up on a CD or memory stick without getting into problems with overlong paths or too many files).

Unfortunately my friend there isn’t any “inexpensive” program that would do this job for you… :frowning: ( :wink: )

However, there is a free/opensource one that can… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Go to and download the openoffice suite…

It has a very nice button that when you press it, it exports to .pdf format…

I hope this will answer your hopes… :smiley:

C.U. :wink:

From the suite, yes, but not from a browser.

However there is other solutions. One is to buy a mac, as all print dialog have this option (system provide this feature) but that may be costly. :wink:

Another is to install a virtual PS printer then process the output with a PS to PDF tool. Depending of your OS, this may more or less simple, but as a start, look for “ghostscript” which is a PS clone.

wow. I never knew you could do that.

/me wants a mac even more than before! :smiley:

There’s one for Win:


Also for Windows.

all screen drawing is composited as pdf on MacOs X. that’s why we have this option. NeXt Os used to do this with PS which is not royalties-free, so Apple switched to the former. Thas also why you can have windows partially transparent. (Very handy, I have the console output routed directly on the desktop this way).

But for other Os, as said, you only need the correct virtual printer

You can always save the Page and then open it with Openoffice and export to pdf… :wink:

Completely free, no ads or watermarks or anything.

It’s a standard plugin for Acrobat Reader… More info can be found here; .

It’s free, unless you want to get prints from an affiliate print shop. It is kinda cool. I use it all the time to save stuff. After the plugin is installed, when you want to use it just go to the print menu in any application and select Acrobat PDFWriter as your printer. It acts like a printer but prints to a PDF file instead of paper.

IE ex.)
FILE > PRINT > Acrobat PDFWriter{in drop down printer selection box}

The Konqueror Web-Browser has the option to print to PDF and also can print to a Postcript file :smiley: I know because I’m using it right now.

Konqueror is free/open source and comes with the KDE suite.

Of course there is the issue that KDE is only available for Unix-like operative systems, like Linux… but I believe that It can be made to run on Windoze by re-compilation.

Thanks for all your help. I tried PrintMe first, but it’s Acrobat plug-in did not support this option any more, nor did their print driver. Checking out their FAQs it appears that they now only offer the option of using their network, and to save output as a file on your own computer, you have to buy their (expensive) hardware device.

Then I tried CutePDF. It works o.k. (when you print you have to set the Advanced option to download softfonts (which they mention in their support section) and also set the option to get the fonts as “bitmap” (which is undocumented). The results are usable, albeit slightly blurry for some sites, but I’m satisfied.

Thanks again.

Also tried PDFCreator (can’t link there directly from this page; have to paste the shortcut). It also works great (don’t have to set special printer options and it makes slightly smaller files than CutePDF, maybe because it uses a more recent version of Ghostscript: 8.00). Thanks again to all!