Printable Blender 2.8 keymap out there?

I’m migrating from Sketchup Pro to Blender after a few years of lurking.

Looking for a keymap to have on my desk to learn shortcuts.

Don’t know if the shortcuts are finalized yet, but I’d love to get started.


… having said that - is anyone updating this for Blender 2.8 ? How much is different?

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That’s the 2.79 key map which is also available in 2.80, you just have to select it in the settings.

There really isn’t one; I would recommend opening the Keymap editor in Blender and taking a look at the section(s) you’re most interested in. For example I spend a lot of time in Edit mode so I go into 3D View -> Mesh -> Mesh (Global) the most. Also keep in mind that a lot of hotkeys are based on the first letter of the tool. E for Extrude, I for Inset, S for Scale, etc.

There’s also this project going on, which I personally approve of, and it includes a spreadsheet of the keys which I’m sure you could print.

Something I do is keep a text files open inside Blender’s text editor with all of my custom hotkeys. This stays visible on my screen at all times, unless I change the window to something else.

Lastly, most of that infographic yogyog posted is still accurate, even with the (current) default 2.80 keymap. However, it’s super busy and hard for me to read, but still usable.

Here’s a dev task which tracks the shortcuts changed between 2.79 and 2.80:

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Hey I know this thread is pretty old, but since it was the first one suggested to me by Google I thought I’d post a link to the updated shortcuts poster :slight_smile:

Hope this help others!!

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