Printed Cat

Hi this is probably my 4th model ever and 1st i’ve shown. Though i watched a billion blender tutorials before i even downloaded it. Anyway so be gentle :stuck_out_tongue:

I plan to make various poses of a cat and 3d print them. I’m sure there are a billion things wrong with it. The photos are attached and the blend file. I’m mainly worried about the head because i’m pretty sure the mouth is very bad.

Any help and comments is much appreciated.


cat3.blend (83.6 KB)

If you want critique on the mouth, you could show it more prominently in your renders :wink:
That being said, I downloaded the model. It is not so bad, it is clearly a cat. Your instincts are right, though , the mouth lacks some…in particular a jaw bone. Try to picture the skull in your mind. In fact
Another place, where the bones should probably be more influential on the form is at the shoulders.