Printed Circuit Board Graphic

I am VERY new to Blender and want to create a graphic for a web site i am working with. Being a total amateur (and perhaps not very talented) I am looking for help. Does anyone have a model of a PCB with maybe 20+ various components on it (should have some microchips etc.). I will pay…

I then want to add a “coating” to the PCB. The coating should look almost 100% transparent and be very thin. And cover all parts (and gaps, holes, undercuts etc.). Ideally I would like to animate the “coating” onto the PCB and change the point of view while this is going on. I would then like to add to a small box on the web site so that people can see the coating being applied.

Does anyone have something like this I can start with? As I said, I will pay if needed. Paypal…

I am sorry if this is the wrong place in the forum to ask for this, but I am getting used to working with it. This is my first post (and if the moderators will let me, not my last).

Cheers! Thomas

PCB is known as Task Controlling Block that is data structure in the OS. You have to contact to electronics company who have know all the printed circuit board assembly process flow or what software is used to make PCB graphics.