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I want to render in a cartoon style like in the tintin comics, i.e. with edges but I want it to look like its been printed, so I could use the shadeless button, but I want shadows. How can I make a material take discrete (not continuous or graded) colours. I guess this could be done using post-processing but I don’t know how to do this. Any suggestions?
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Dunno how (if possible) to do it in blender. But if u got Photoshop, try posterize. Or change to indexed color (adaptive palette, no dither). You may have to smooth out the edges a bit after that.

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It is very easy,

simply because shadeless doesn’t mean that mesh does not CAST shadows but that it is NOT SHADED :stuck_out_tongue:

This mean that a phere made shadeless still casts shadows (of course only spotlight really cast shadows.

Otherwise you can play with emit :wink:

If you need I can mail you a demo .blend file :wink:


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Ok. Turn on Shadeless and then press F10 to go to Display Buttons. Then press Edge settings on the left and fine the Eint slider. Raise it to about 20 minimum. Press the edge button to the right of edge settings. Not go to the objects material buttons. Make the Specularity color darker than the actual color instead of brighter. This should give you the destired affect I think. Try increasing eint to about 50 for solid easier to see lines and 255 for deep bold lines. Go to this link (Cut and paste it ) for an example of what this did when used on a simple cube.

or click this
Cube Render

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thanks for replying: I think I’ll have to use a post processing or something to get the right look