Printing problem

Yesterday i made a frontpage for a mazine in publisher, but it won’t print it as a image or pdf with transperency on the image:( kinda annoying


Try upgrading to OOo, from there you’ll be able to get you file into Scribus if needed.

Thanks for the help,

I solved it by checking InDesign on a computer on my school. it needed another fileformat so i checked the filetypes Publisher could save in. And in the buttom you could save to GIF:eek:

A little confusing, do it better next time microsoft:yes:


eeeehm, what? are? you? saving? to!!! gif? when doing print, try to keep the resolution as high and the images as crisp as you can, saving a vectordrawing or equally worse, a bunch of text to a rastered image for the files/file formats you are going to work with is NOT a good idea. In fact, quite the opposite. NEVER EVER do that!!!
When using indesign, use .pdf or ai, for vectors. For rasterized images (bitmaps) use whatever format indesign will chew, but tiff is a very good and solid format.(or if you need to have layered images, just use psd straight out of photoshop)
when using scribus, which is what I’m testing right now, I can imagine you would import pdf or svg.

do NOT save anything with text or vectors in em to a bitmap file format!!!
imagine you need to reuse the text somewhere, you have to retype all of it, or do OCR and check on every single bloody letter. Or you need a logo blown up to postersize, good luck doing that with a small bitmapimage!

Try to somehow open the publisher file in open office, save it in .odf format. (which is a zip file format)
and get every image and text out of that file to try and get it into scribus, or indesign.
Do NOT edit images in either word or publisher, don’t even add simple arrows to them, because office will save that to the image and make it smaller, and UNusable for print.

Open office saved my life quite a few times when using .doc files for stuff that needed to be printed.