Prinz Serg's Toy

Prince Serg’s Toy:

Edit: A smal Update:
Newest version!

Old version!


Some WiP Images:


99% Blender 1% GIMP

This is my first try at organic modeling!

If you want further information, just ask.

this is pure awesome. You, sir, win an internet.

Seriously. pure quality. keep up the good work.

but may i ask how many of the textures were procedural, how many were images, and if they were UV mapped?


This is very high quality. I have so many questions.

How long have you been doing 3d?

How did you do that awesome lightning?

Did you have a concept?

Sweet. :smiley:

That is AMAZING!!!

Well done. The lighting and texturing is great.


:open_mouth: bows we’re not worthy

Hey, that’s really good.

I would add a background of some sort, though. Even if only a wall. Also, the nose doesn’t seem detailed enough.

But good work. I really like it. :slight_smile:

I’ve won the Internet? But I don’t have a use for terrabytes of porn.

100% Blender procedurals. I haven’t learned uv-mapping yet.

Mhh … let me think, If I sum up, I would say 3 months, with 2 hours per day. But I have started 9 months ago, but I didn’t do much in that time. This is my third really serious work in 3D.

Its AO together with 8 Area Lights, some of them with negative lightning.

I’ve started out doing this for the Megadeth Design Contest on DeviantArt.

Hey, it’s not THAT good. You should see it from behind, and all the messy places on the meshes. I’m still a noob. Yes a totally noob. The only thing seperating myself from all the other sphere-render-noobs is, that I’m willing to put some time into my images (I’ve spent one month on this one precisely)

Thanks. Well I’m not happy with the nose either, but at one point you just have to stop and finish the picture or it won’t be finished forever. :smiley: I’ve played with serveral background but wasn’t satisfied with any of them.

Thanks everybody for your kind comments!


I’ve added some WiP Images!

That is one wicked render and model. I just placed it as my new background pic. I have nothing else to say. :o

Thanks . :smiley:

You’ve got some serious skills man!
Looking forward to seeing new high quality art from you!

P.S. i’ve set it as my wallpaper too!

Beutiful work.

Mats/shaders and lighting are top notch.


Whew! Now after 3 months of blending you have mastered the basics quite nicely! :slight_smile:
I’d like to have a look at the shader settings for the skull and the horns!

Okey, from left to right: teeth, bluemetal, horns, skull (blend includet in first post!


you rock dude

This is the most skillfull use of procedurals I have seen! Very cool!

Thanks a lot for the blendfile!

This is absolutely incredible. Congratulations on such a wonderful job.
The materials and lighting is simply marvelous :wink:

I do agree that the nose is lacking some detail though. It seems like on of the weak points possibly. It seems just a little bit too smooth around the nose. I think it could use a little roughening up or something.

at this rate i would love to see an entire body come out of this. great work

kick ass light setup. i thought i was yafray!

amazing work!

reminds me about doom or quake. ah well doom3 calls me! i love that game…