Pripyat | 1987

Pripyat, Ukraine. 1987.
It’s been a year since the incident but the air is still rotten enough to kill. The town sign lies in wait to greet people the way it used to. No one is coming back.

Modeled in Blender 2.59. Textures and post in Photoshop. Rendered with Octane demo.

Edit: Bought Octane. Full HD render further down the thread.

Great work !
The use of the power-line to hint at the role of the NPP is clever.

Bring on Fukushima !

soviet era monuments are awesome. always huge and concrete and futuristic shapes.

aermartin, the nazist have used similar style for their monuments. But you are wrong: usually they are not futuristic, rather conservative, to look good in the aparatchik’s eyes. Some of them were erected even during my lifetime…

… In these first days of May 1986 the weather was fine, and I was just on a trip, in the countryside :(.

Beautiful Piece

Well done. Sky I really like. How did you do it?

Good work! I like the mood…

Great work, love the compositing
it reminded me somehow of a book on soviet architecture, “Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed” with, well, huge concrete futuristic shapes

Great work overall , i like the subject , the color palette fits very well , and the wellow van adds the necessary touch of strong color .

Rovy : thanks for the book tip , awesome refs !

Thanks to everyone for appreciating the work.

For those who are interested, here’s the clay render:

And an alternate render:



Still love to know how you did the sky, or was it just texture. Great job!

Looks great!!!
Now back to reading Strugatsky brothers :smiley:
Here in ex-YU states is also a bunch of those massive concrete monuments and buildings ( I believe it’s called “socrealism”).
And somehow with this new, fancy steel and glass buildings, those concrete monsters are actually starting to look good…
Thank you kind sir, just gave me an idea for a new project.

I wish it was larger so i could set it as my desktop photo :wink: … hint … hint … 1920 x 1080p :eyebrowlift: . Very cool > would also like to know how you did the amazingly dramatic clouds . :eek:

Finally bought Octane! Here’s an HD update of the earlier render.

Amazing render. To the Gallery! Also loving the HD version.

Quick question, how in the world did you make that puddle look so realistic? O.O

nice render :slight_smile:

Beautiful work as always Anuraag!
I love the aesthetic you use in all your works!
Congratulations! 5 stars for you!

The puddle is a reflective plane with a hand painted bump map to simulate algae on the surface.

Really great looking render.

Your earlier clay render made me want to see this with lots of snow and a clear blue sky :slight_smile:

That looks wicked realistic. Very cool.