Did anyone watch the short film PRISM on youtube yesterday?

I watched the making of PRISM on Corridor Digital’s other channel and they talked about the program they used called Hitfilm. I was very impressed by the amount of features it offered for a sub-$400 program.

Did anyone else check it out?

It would probably be a good idea to add some links to the stuff so people know what you are talking about :stuck_out_tongue:

Prism Movie
Making of

Hitfilm Site

I just assumed that everyone knew Corridor Digital because its one of the biggest channels on youtube
thanks for posting the links

I just assumed that everyone knew Corridor Digital
Never heard of it !

u must be joking

Never heard of it either (not joking)

haven’t heard of it either, not joking. :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome indie movie, and yeah i never heard of them, however i do like freddiew’s channel :RocknRoll:

Even though i really like Freddiew, i feel like (Sam and Niko)Corridor Digital work harder because they’ve made some really epic videos

nope, never heard of it before.

I hate u guys :wink: