Prison Break Game


  • 3D Blender Artist
  • Animator -we need someone who can create a 20-30 seconds animation based on the models created by the 3D Artist-



First, I’d like to introduce myself and my desire about gaming.

So to start off, I am still a student and during my free time I am dreaming about creating my dream game. I’ve been trying to develop a small game first for iOS but graphics were the obstacle that made me postpone the future develop. After a while, I invested a small amount of money and hired an artist to draw the concept art ,which you will be able to see at the bottom of my thread. Also, I made a top-down view of two objects with Inkscape, nothing special, and made two pictures with terrain, walls and three characters.

The game itself will be called:
Jackomo: The Fugitive

As you can see the name of the game speaks a lot about the gameplay and game concept. The game will be all about being a prisoner in a mixed security jail. Every prisoner dream about escaping the jail unwitnessed, so do you! One morning you wake up in your 5 m2 cell, in prison named Vulgoris, and you are confused and ask yourself 'What the heck am I doing here? I gotta know what happened! Need to make friends so we can escape from that stinking hole, for godsake!". The action is just about to start. Your celldoor opens and… it’s all about up to you! Your destiny is your hands!

I’d like to integrate several things:

  • Sensitivity levels (1-3)
  • View distance
  • Moveable bodies
  • Pickable items
  • Character skills
  • Weapons
  • Equipments
  • In-game market


Sensitivity levels (1-3)

A prison guard is patrolling and you run behind him ,which instantly leads to the fact that the guard hears you and he points his gun towards you and BOOM YOU’RE DEAD! Mission Failed!

The guard has invisible circles around him. Actually, they are two.
The first one is for the SENSITIVITY and the second one is for the ATTACK ZONE.


View distance

The view distance thing is the yellow arc, which you can see on the above picture.
This is the area where the prison guard see. If you collide with guards’ view distance, they will open fire at you immediately.

Moveable bodies

When you kill a guard or any other character, you will be able to move their bodies to place where no guard is patrolling. Let’s say a guard see another dead guard, he will instantly fire the alarm and no way for you to escape unwitnessed! Numerous guards will come to aid his fellow.

Pickable items

I assume that you can find out what that should mean but let me say if you didn’t.

A knife drops from a prisoner, inside a box that you broke or from somewhere else? You want to take that item and use it for your purpose? With this integration you will be able to pick knives,pistols, rifles, grenades, equipment or any other items!

Character skills

You start playing the game and eventually advancing in your purpose of escaping that jail. Meanwhile, you gain XP and you can UP some skills.

I have some skills in mind:

Stamina (running for a longer period before being burned out).

Intelligence (higher chance to open locked doors, using prison computer systems and etc.)

Marksmanship (higher chance to successfully shoot a target)

Stealth (lower chance to be heard, seen etc.)

Medical (higher chance to successfully heal yourself)

Mechanical (faster repair time when your weapon stop firing bullets because of something broken in it)

More skills MIGHT be available if you give ideas.


Different weapons!
Knife, pistols, rifles and grenades.


Civil clothes
Prison clothes

More clothes MIGHT be integrated if you give ideas!

In-game Market

You got $150? Buy grenades from the contraband inside the prison. Always there will at least one prison guard who will sell you something!


Chasings, shootings and hidings!



An 3D Blender artist, who is willing to help me out!

I can’t afford paying to anyone at the moment but we can think of something!

If you can’t help me but you are reading this please give me a hand in another way!

Visit this link:

You can support me by funding my campaign


by sharing/tweeting my campaign!

Thank you so much!!!

If you are interested please PM me:
[email protected]


I dont wanna sound like a killjoy, but you should’ve been waiting until you have something more to show for your campaign.
I see alot of ideas, but not an actual gameplay concept.
Right now it looks like a generic casual game for smartphones or facebook, with only the idea of:
“walk from A to B and dont get detected by the guards”

So it looks like your game is still at a very early point of development.
I really recommend you to:

  • Delay your campaign until you can built a catchy gameplay trailer (3-5 seconds intro 1-2 minutes gameplay, right to the top features of the game)
  • Search for 1 or 2 Allrounder 3D Artist/s specialized on Lowpoly Assets (Means he/they should do modeling, texturing, animating for all the Assets/Characters/Levels/Enviroment you need)
  • Search for 1 or 2 2D Artist/s for the Level Layouts and Character Concepts. (2D Artists are also important to quickly built concepts, which the 3D artists can use to work with, like blueprints of charcters)
  • Improve your concept (for example: where is running useful? what can you do with the prison computer systems? When is it useful to shoot?)

I also dont know which game-engine you are going to use. Maybe you should also built a storyline? Like why is he in the prison? why is he going to break out? (what is his motivation).

Maybe you should take a look at “Hotline Miami” to get some more ideas for your gameplay features, like how the doors work, the shooting mechanics, camera control, aso.

Before you ask:

  • No i can’t help you. I only can give you advice, and not more, because i am busy right now with 2 mobile game projects.

Thank you for your honesty and pieces of advice!

But that’s why I am looking for 3D Blender Artist. I need graphics such as characters, walls, crates, weapons, equipment etc.
Once I got those models, I will be able to make even a short 3D video displaying the first moments of the prisoner.

However, I was writing my thread and forgot to write down a crucial feature.

The gameplay is about being a prisoner ,who is put in jail for no reason whatsoever! You, as a prisoner, must go to different points of the jail so you can gather information about the structure of the prison, ways to pass through the security, other prisoners you should make your allies because you cannot do everything by yourself. There will be one prison guard who knows all about you and your coming to this prison and the reason about it! So a lot of discussions will be involved in the game playtime. There will be missions such as ‘Find X and talk to him’ where X is a name of the person you should find. Reading the discussions will be essential part of the game. Once closed the discussion window you wouldnt be able to see further instructions for this mission. Only ‘Find X and talk to him/her’ will be displayed. A lot of ‘fu**ed up’ missions will be implemented.For example, you talk to a fellow prisoner then going to find a screwdriver, going back to him so you can advance in your mission and darn the guards caught him on your way back. In this sense, this mission will be postponed for X minutes.

I was thinking of making the game for iOS using only 2D graphics but eventually I decided that I can FIND a 3D BLENDER ARTIST and ANIMATOR so we can start making 3D Windows Game.

I haven’t deleted anything. Unfortunately, my thread post and my reply are still under moderation decision. Hope they will see them soon.

I haven’t deleted anything. Unfortunately, my thread post and my reply are still under moderation decision. Hope they will see them soon.

Oh yeah well, for some hours my post was the only in this thread so i was bit confused. good to know it was only moderation