Hi all,
I think this is my first real post…
here is my little scene, not finished yet …
what can I do to improve it?

I’m thinking about making post-process to have a better effect from the light source…

so, what do you think about my picture?

well, it looks pretty good. i would fix the lighting a little…maybe have the outside at an angle to cast some deeper shadows. the textures on the ceiling look a little off. maybe its just the blending between the walls and ceiling ? i dunno.

overall this looks pretty cool !

you should put something on the other side of the window… it just looks unfinished

That’s really cool. It is sparce, but I really like that and it seems to go well with the theme of your render. Yes, the lighting shadows could use a little something, and some volumetric lighting would be cool to so you could see the light comming through the window.

Keep it up!!!

I agree on that point. To me it looks like some “bumps” are missing, it looks really too flat.
You should maybe also add some dirt on the window, as the rest of the room is dirty.
The door looks brand new too, but it’s like they just changed it so it’s ok.

Anyway, really nice job with the colors, light and composition. Maybe a grey or blue sky would fit better than a white one ?

Don’t you think, that this is too big window for prison? ;] Increase in details aroud will make scene much more “alive”

thx for the reply…
nehpets> the ceiling is just changed, it was just temporary. for the shadows, i don’t know how to make deeper shadows but i will try to improve the light to have a volumetric light…

GhegisKhan> yes, but i don’t know if i will just put a sky or put a landscape…

Trebor> i’ve just added more energy on my AO, what do you think of? is it better now?

duskblue> (euh, ça veut dire quoi chanded?) ok, i will try to make the door more older

Shwarnas> yes, but the topic is not a good name, i will change it, but i don’t have an idea. I’m not making a prison (even it looks like :wink: ) i’m thinking about an old warehouse or something like that and in it, a “restriced area” like it should be dangerous but i don’t want to show something creepy, just have a creepy ambiance… and yes, i will try to add some dirt (papers and others …)

So, this is what i made yesterday (before i read your post):

on the roof you can see an electric cable but the lamp is not yet installed (it’s still in the box :wink: )

Sorry, I dislike critiquing the work of those who are better than I am :-? , but I actually liked less energy on the AO. WHat I had been trying to say is that I though some light rays comming in from the window might look nice. Kinda like this: but not quite as defined as the examples show.

The ceiling is looking better, the extra wireing helps I think. Keep up the good work!

The new ceiling still looks discontinuous from the walls. Why would a rusty patch end suddenly at the edge where the wall and ceiling meet? I agree with Trebor; volumetric lighting would probably enhance the image. Also, I think this image would look better if it conveyed a darker tone; maybe you could decrease the lamps’ energy?

And what’s that on the bottom corner of the door? Looks like there’s something wrong with the texture…

only thing I can come up with is HL2 :smiley: played it 6 hours strait, kinda freaking me out with those f***ing fast zombies :smiley: but really cool scene, but more bump and improve the light, but else its cool :smiley: KUTGW

maybe add some bars in the window…
looks like whoever was locked in this room could just climb right out…
maybe it’s Rapunzel’s room :slight_smile:

looks real good though

i like the render, add more details.

I think i will post under the finished work now. I like it so…

link to the finished work:

I like textures but… the window is, to me, too big, and the door too sharp… anyway it’s a good start.