Prison Project

Here’s a old pic I just dug up today. It’s part of a complex I was building to use for a Pyzzle project, but I never figured out how to use it, so…

Small Picture
Large Picture


uhmm sorry don’t seem to be working :frowning:

Yes, it is working! This server don’t allow direct linking (like some others). Just hit the reload button and you’ll see the image.


Nice! The lighting from the torches is especially neat.

Might consider having the flames a tad higher?

Are the blocks on the walls modeled or is that a bump map? They appear to be bump mapped: when you get close to the camera the profile seems to go flat. Consider modeling some of that detail for a more realistic image, unless this is going to be animated or a game.

Nice atmosphere!


weird…I tried to copy/paste the link and it didn’t work…anyway now it work! Great image…a bit dark but I guess you wanted it to be :wink:

As bisschofftep said modelling the stnoe would make it more realistic :wink:

Sorry about the links. My normal server wasn’t working this morning so I uploaded it to another one. The blocks are actually modeled, and then they’ve got a texture mapped onto them. The file’s already at 24megs and my computer can’t really handle anything bigger, so I can’t add anymore mesh detail tot he stones. I’ll work on the texture some.


Ok, stormpages is back up, so here’s a nomal link

I updated the textures, messed with the flames, changed the lamp texturing a bit, and tried to improve the overall clarity of the picture.


Very nice pic, and the darkness looks good. Only thing i could suggest is perhaps a halo attribute on some of the lights, to give it a little thicker atmosphere, and maybe something to emit the fire, like a little oil holder with a wick or a mini-torch. Also, the particles could be worked on a bit, the flow of the fire looks weird and the colours need to be tweeked too.
Awesome work tho, keep it up!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

hummm the link doesn’work
I think 150m is stupid shit

Ok, here’s another update. I changed the lighting to be a more orange color, added a bit of halo lighting, and worked on the lamps.


P.s. I’d have to agree with you, Logik_Guy. 150m was only temporary. I use stormpages normally. Those links should work fine.