Prison Transport ( base on fengs concept )

just a quick modeling to show the base model of the ship…oh and if anybody have done this one let me know :slight_smile:

C&C welcome

Nice! I know this one and you are right on target. Good stuff.


What’s your lighting setup? It’s gorgeous! There’s a great amount of detail in there, your mechanical m0deling rocks.

lighting setup - uhm its something I learn from BgDM a colored lamp with small amount of energy or something like it, he can explain it much better :slight_smile:

I can? :stuck_out_tongue:


one question, is that the front or back we are seeing?

FonixWircs: Here is the ref image on Feng’s site:

And for those that do not know of Feng, you have to see this guys website:

One of the all time greatest concept artists ever.