Prisoner of war

The cubes are stand-ins for people ATM

What I want is some raw and uncut criticism for the castle gate itself

The mood I’m going for is cold and lonely

The plot being that it’s snowing drastically and the castle is almost about to crumble because the king(cube on the rooftop) has lost so much of his influence

Now obviously this isn’t done yet but criticism would be appreciated.


The crenellations are really small on the two walkways, I also think that the material you’re using looks more like marble than stone. The wooden door looks unnaturally clean too. After fixing those issues I might be able to pick on a few other things.

add typical man to see relative dimensions!

happy bl


Thx, will try that


Cubes have the average height and width of a human so I got that laid down… I think…

nice to have it in your brain
but it does not shows it in the render for peoples to have an idea on size !

now I don’t remember castle’s stones being so big !

happy bl