Pristine - Uber-Glass shader for Blender [ W.I.P ] [ Update 4 ]

Hello there people,

i am making a Uber-Glass Shader for blender which is going to be Free ( yay ! )

Current Features:

  • Fake Light Absorption Based Colors
  • Separated Refraction and Reflection Controls For Better customizability
  • Fixed Roughness for linear interpolation
  • Fully Functional Dispersion system
  • Physically Based fresnel for realistic reflections , and a option to chose artistic fresnel for artistic usability
  • Ray termination fix to remove “black” Artifacts
  • Translucency Support with light absorption
  • Proper Volumetric Scattering support
  • Fast and simple fake caustics
  • Advanced Yet Fast Fake Caustics
  • Fast Normals And Bump Optimizations

Upcoming Features ( Hopefully ) :

  • True Volumetric Absorption
  • Dispersive Caustics
  • LOD support ( For Shader Effects )
  • More artistic Controls and Effects
  • Backsurface Culling Optimizations
  • Simple version with Better UI and smaller customization for begineer

I Will not post any Download links for now , but if you wanna try it out , feel free to PM me :slight_smile:

If anyone has a Feature suggestion , feel free to help

If anyone want to help me devolop this , Then i am also free , but remember that this is going to be free , and i will not make money out of this

[UPDATE] : Added Switch Function to Sliders that work as switches , switches will not activate the 2nd mix/blend/type/switch until it is 1 , anything between 0 and 1 will be set to the 1st mix/blend/type/switch

[UPDATE] : I Have Updated The Shader With Better Caustic Intregation , Now It Looks Better And Has More Control , Will Post Images Soon , It Also Supports Absorption Based Colors

[UPDATE] : I Have Updated The Shader With Fast Normals , Normal And Espiecally Bumps Are Going have Much better performance , this basically makes normals appear only on the camera , and not on reflections , transmission etc. and a slider( Switch ) to enable it on/of . Will post images soon

interesting project
I did some Glass in cycles and even with new principle shader
and not really happy with the transmission
many times it is too dark around edges and thick glass

hope yo get do better then normal glass in cycle

not certain caustic can be done nicely in cycles
see example of nice glass with Yafaray and good caustic

but will check and follow your tests

good luck

happy cl

I Removed The Black / Dark Artifact , but it only works with the physical fresnel style for some reason :3

The caustics i use is a cheap transperency technique , i will develop a better one :slight_smile: ( EDIT : i Have A Better One Now )

Okey guys , i think i am not gonna develop a diffuse blender , that is i think unnecessary