Private detective

Toony mood:

not bad

I think it looks like he is chewing on the bush though

(I would also make it later in the night, lean him up against the wall and swap the light to the other window)

Very good, I l really ike the cartoony feel of the detective, what renderer did you use?

Very nice image!

The only thing I don’t like are the plants, that are very bright and stand out too much.

Overall a very good render. Only minor crit is, that the boards on the windows could use a bit more variation in the texture, but other than that, I really like it.

No bad

You should put a light source that lits the foreground part of the bridge underside, also some other window lit up would be nice, but as a lighting exercise is not bad at all

@koontz I’ve used BI + AO

Superb lighting! :slight_smile:

OK, some people made me to remove leaves near the detective. It looks like this:

Nice idea for a The Detective C64 game remake :yes:

Great work !!!

I like it very much. Perfect atmosphere, nice lighting, picture with story, … 5 stars from me.

yes it’s great! i think it shouldn’t be much darker, and i’d change the blanket or whatever it is for a shirt or something…