Private messaging

Hi, I cannot figure out how to send a new private message. There is no button for it in messages, and there is no option to send a message to someone when I click on their username. Could someone help me out please?

Thank you

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Your “mail box” would be at:

and there should be a “new message” button on the left. when you click on a persons name there should also be a ‘message’ button. If your not seeing that stuff, maybe its a user class permissions thing ?? Since you posted in the " New Site Feedback" forum, im sure a @moderators will pop in and have more details.

As you’re a new user, you don’t have DM privileges yet. Spend a little more time reading and interacting on the forum and you’ll be updated automatically.

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Thank you for your reply. How long will this take approximately? I only made this account to contact the creator of an add on, and don’t really plan on using it outside of that. Could I be upgraded manually?

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Shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes :slight_smile: