Private Tutor Wanted / paid hourly / More info within.


Thanks for dropping by.
I’d like to hire a tutor to give me lessons on the Blender Game Engine.
I’m looking for someone who can give a good solid understanding of how things work, with explanations for each step if I need it, not just “Because it just is”.

I come from a programming background, Mostly Java, with limited Python knowledge (I have a book to learn the syntax, so that’s no issue). my issue at the moment is time, I love creating games and did so in 2d with Java, most of the projects where never released but I had great fun programming, problem solving and ultimately creating my own world. I’m looking to do the same thing in Blender and basically want a head start.

Ideally the tutor would be:

  • A laid back person who wants to earn some money on the side
  • Someone who’s hobby is to work/play in the BGE
  • It would be nice if you have some previous work
  • As close to GMT time would be good, as I live in England and would like to do the lessons in the evening.

The lessons would be:

  • Presented in a course like fashion, made up of a series of individual lessons (“Course One, Lesson One, moving items with python”) kind of thing.
  • Not have a focus on art or animation, but include how to do them…e.g “Heres an animation of a cube spinning, we will use it to show how to add a running animation”. e.g “Heres a Subdivided cube we will use and a low poly cube we will use to show Python style LOD”.
  • Will be fun…and not too formal. Honestly, I want to learn but I will be doing these lessons after a long day at work aha.

So if you are interested, please reply let me know a rate and tell me why you think you’d be a good tutor.
Examples of previous work a plus.

Thanks for your time,

hi, programming-wise i would suggest goran milovanovic, he has the most coding tutorials out of the whole BGE community and also offers tutition. I would suggest looking at his youtube channel and trying to find what you need there as it is already freely available however if you do require further tutition you can contact him on his profile is @Goran.

If you want to check out some more logic brick / graphical tutorials then feel free to come check my channel out as well :smiley:

Hope this helps

Thanks Thatimster, I’ve sent a message. Ill be sure to check out your channel out too after work, useful links :).