Privilege for the Sponsors of ???

Hi all,

     Just a curiosity. Is there any privilege for the different level of sponsors of ?:eyebrowlift2:


a privilege to be here and a privilege to meet you :wink:


Aside from getting your name on that page, not as far as I am aware. However, if you make a very large donation, you may be able to sponsor a developer to work on a feature, like Epic Games did to get fbx support improved, and like Tangent Animation are doing for some 2.8 features and improvements.

If you just want something for your money other than simply supporting an awesome piece of software that (I assume) you use, you can support the Blender Institute through a Blender Cloud subscription instead of the BF directly. I do this because the Blender Cloud is working on some really great animations, their work helps get Blender recognition, some of them are working on Blender itself, and finally the Blender Cloud has some good content and exclusive behind the scenes access to the open movies they are working on. Recently they started uploading videos of the directors (Hjalti and Colin) critiquing the work of the others and these are really interesting.

There’s a fixed month payment if you want your commercial service addon included in blender. Like Sketchfab or others.

What is this “Commercial service addon” ? will it help me to get tech support or something like that?


No. It wont help you get tech support.