prize machine updated

i updated the prize machine.i fixed some bugs(very annoying bugs) but only two items(default: cap and ball).i’ll add more items later.comments,suggestions or if you want to see an item inside the prize machine to grab it,just let me know.thanx! :smiley:


ps: also,if you have a model(little)that you would like to see inside the prize machine to grab it,send it to me and i’ll be happy to add it.(low polys,the less the better and little file size please) :slight_smile:

well…i added a peeto to the prize machine and i’m planning to add a pikachu too.i’ll keep looking to see what else i can add. :smiley:

flash ninja…? :wink:

he he! maybe :wink: :smiley:

Sorry, This camera view is bad for me.
I think It is better than this that the camera isn’t used the Camera Actuator.