Pro Digital Painter 4.0

Just wondering if anyone tried this software, for what I have read and seen it seems quite good, has some great additions like particle brushes, FX brushes… Overall good for simple and effective texturing.

Here is a link to 4.0 version and here is demo 3.5 version (there is no 4.0 demo yet)

And here are some examples of brushes that I found, there are much more inside

So, has anyone had any expirience with it?



I have tried it. It is not so good as I was expecting. But later on I have found briliant software which has totaly advanced brushes settings and customization. It is calles Artweaver. And it is free.

Find more here:

Be also aware that on of GIMP Google summer of code focused on brushes rewrite, so maybe GIMP will have more brushes flexibility like Photoshop has.

If you are a windows user a great piece of freeware is Deep Paint. Look it up on a a freeware site like Probably one of the best freeware(not demo) painting programs.

Thnx! I had gimp installed before but just couldn’t get accustomed to it.
So I will try both of them and see which one is better.
Anyone else using something besides all of this mentioned here? Yeah, and besides photoshop.

Yes I forgot about artrage. They have a stripped down version that is very nice.