Pro/E -> Blender?

I use Pro/ENGINEER at work, and have modeled a few things I’d like to render. I’ve exported them as VRML 1.0 files. Pro/E produces the following output (when I export a part named ‘ring’ ):


I’ve attempted to open this in blender publisher (2.23 and 2.25) and also to append to the current scene. When I attempt this, I get no feedback at all. It doesn’t import, but it doesn’t give any error message (at least that I can see - I may not be looking in the right place) . It just stays at the file window. I’ve also tried this with a VRML 1.0 file I downloaded from the web, with the same results.

I searched the knowledge base for ‘.wrl’ and ‘VRML’, but none of the hits seemed to answer my question. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug? Any help will be appreciated.

Try reprocessing the VRML files through 3DWin and resaving them. I have found with DXF files that this software will take a file that blender will not read and produce one that it can. There is also 3DWinOGL which will let you view your exports.

3DWin is available here:

Thanks for your help. I’ve tried 3dwin (the demo version), and it doesn’t load any of the files. Cosmo player can read and parse them just fine. I’m going to send a support request to the 3dwin people.


I downloaded Crossroads, a freeware viewer/converter, and it was able to open Pro/E’s screwy VRML and re-save it in a format Blender could read.

Get crossroads here:

Well there’s a coincidence. I didn’t suggest Crossroads because in the past I’ve found it wouldn’t convert the files I wanted to use. I guess it all depends on the source application and we need to keep both programs instaled.