Pro Graphics Card Benchmarks

A comparison of various nVidia and AMD pro cards. No consumer grade gaming cards thrown into the mix but it does include a Blender benchmark so I thought it might be of interest to some. tl; dr - nvidia cleans up the AMD cards.

Perhaps it would be good to clarify where you meant “nvidia cleans up the AMD cards.”, as the benchmark page shows that for overall viewport performance (across all the programs) the AMD cards were on average both faster and cheaper.

Now if you were to say for all CUDA based Compute benchmarks, and the Blender Viewport, then yes your statement does hold true.

I wish they had done a non shaded blender viewport comparison as well, AFAIK most people work in that.

Still, for the average person who IS looking to use GPU rendering, an nVidia card seems to be the sensible choice, however if your just modelling, and using CPU’s or a renderfarm to render (memory constraints) then the AMD cards have quite the bang for your buck.

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