Pro-Level Modelers & 3D Generalists Wanted


  • Pixar, DWA, BlueSky, Sony Pictures Animation, Illumination, Blender Foundation, etc.


  • Short Film Project Coming Up
  • This is Paid Work
  • English Speaking preferred for efficient communication with our core team
  • Each Individual Must Be Capable of Meeting Daily Benchmarks
  • Exclusive Content; Work (stills, models, movies) cannot be published to portfolio without written authorization
  • Assignments delivered at 10 AM Pacific Time Zone
  • Dropbox / Google Drive work assignments and staging
  • Modeling and Mesh Work to be completed in Blender only. No zbrush, maya, 3dsm, etc.
  • .Blend files, .png stills, sequences

Looking for:

  • 3D Character Modeler from Rough 2D Sketch
  • 3D Prop and Set Modeler
  • UV / Textures / Shaders / Bake / Pack
  • Textures, Materials, Shaders - Phase 1: Cycles / Blender Internal / eevee
  • Textures, Materials, Shaders - Phase 2: Experienced Unity Efficient Texture Packing
  • Character Rigging (bi ped, quad ped, other)
  • Custom Rigs that are Unity mecanim Ready / Optimized
  • Animation Cycles { Walk, Jump, Duck, Run, Dodge, More

Also Looking for:

  • Concept Artist (krita, gimp, inkscape, clip studio paint, photoshop, affinity photo/designer)

Candidates interested in joining our small team, please apply by email and include:

  • Link to work online (portfolio platform, gallery, etc.) (deviant art, bechance, dribble, carbonmade, etc.)
  • Link to a Character Turntable (MP4 or MOV or AVI) (on Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube, etc.)
  • Description of the links, and your direct role & responsibilities on any visuals

Project Date:

  • Pre-Production is underway
  • 3D Asset Creation is underway
  • 3D Assembly & Animation begins Feb-Mar 2018


  • Negotiated, Depends on Quality Deliverable / Experience
  • Pay is on a rolling 2-3 day timeline
  • Payout is usually day following work delivery for the work meeting agreed to quality and specs
  • Day cycle allows for team review
  • Pay is for work delivered
  • Our goal is to work with quality people, technicians, artists, developers
  • We want Win-Win
  • These notes are to avoid misunderstandings:
  • Any work not meeting agreed to Quality and Specifications will require Amendments / Updates
  • These updates to meet the agreed to quality or specs is at cost to Artist
  • Work not meeting our agreed to Quality and Specification will not be used in our production, will not be passed on to other artists, and originating artist will not be paid for incomplete work.
  • Each contractor will complete their segment of work before they receive new assignments.
  • Amendments / Updates / Enhancements following each quality work delivery is at cost to Producer, and is considered a new assignment.

Email to:


sent you an email with work portfolio, please take a look…

I sent you an email.

The professional way to do this would be that your review applications and hire people that fit your quality standard. Then pay them like a studio would instead of promising pay after they submit the work and lowering pay because revisions are needed.

I don’t think this is win-win. It’s just win for you when people with little work experience apply for the job.