Pro Lighting Skies problem

i’ve installed Pro Lighting Skies Demo, and hdris are imported correctly.
When i preview render i see purple light on object, like there are some texture missing, but in the background we can see imported hdri, so i don’t know what’s going on. Any solution how to fix this ?

I noticed, that the issue is name of my User Folder, it has polish letter ó, which Blender cannot interpret.
What can I do with this ?

You might be better off asking this on Blenderguru (or even contacting Andrew Price himself) since this is an addon-specific problem and a paid one at that.

I assume your purchase comes with a certain level of support from its developers, does it?

Nevermind, i’ve changed User folder name and it helped.
Tip for a future: Use only ordinary signs in a name of your User folder :wink: