Pro Modeler for Blender3D Beta Preview part 1 of 2 ( Fantasy Character Starter Kit )

Hi all my fellow artist. If you struggle with character creation, or just want to speed up the process, check these out.


Hi all. I was doing some testing on the Pro Modeler for Blender3D fantasy character starter kit and made this project, so I thought I would post an update. The character base mesh it’s self, the eyes, and horns was modeled, texture mapped, and normal mapped in about thirty minutes. Other than about two or three minutes (literally) of smoothing no sculpting was used. Granted he could have use some, this was only a beta test. I also didn’t need to do any editing of the meshes either. I didn’t take a lot of time on the materials, i was concentrating on the base mesh and add-on’s for the kit. All was done inside of Blender with a combination of the internal and cycles rendering engines. Hope you all Enjoy!