Pro Modelers Please Help

Hi guys,

So I’m trying to model an iPhone using Subsurfs. I’ve attached my blend.

The problems I’m having are the following:

  1. I can’t add the power button because adding more loop cuts higher in my model causes the whole shape to tweak out. So I made a separate piece that I injected into the base using a Boolean modifier. Only problem is I have to turn off “Smooth” for my base otherwise the boolean gets funky when rendering (and you’ll see in the viewport too). So I’ve tried “Flat” with a higher subsurf which subsequently crashes my computer.

  2. I want to add a square screen that is extruded downward a hair. Same problem I’m having with #1… in that if I add more loopcuts my base’s shape gets funky. So I’ve (not shown in this blend) come up with a bad idea that works. I make an extruded square where the screen is and then use a boolean which creates a solid uneditable mesh afterwards. So all my elements become one and then I have a area where I can put in the screen. But, this is a pain to texture and UV. So I’d like to not go this route.

  3. My biggest problem is that I’m limited in what I can model because the loopcuts I add to make more shapes/extrusions damage the overall shape. I understand I can creates loopcuts in which it does not destroy my shape and bring individual pieces upwards or downwards to create new shapes… but in some rare occurrences this is not possible.

Can any Pros offer some advice. Should I use Curves? I haven’t tried this yet.

I’m desperate because I’m hoping I’m not doing something correctly because I’m having fun… I’ll be very dissapointed if this is the nature of the beast and I have to rig things like I’ve been doing.

Thanks!:RocknRoll:iPhone_v7.5.blend (662 KB)

a screen shot would be helpful.

I attached the blend in my post.

If you’re looking for help, it’s best to give as much info as possible so folks can chose the best way they have to time to offer.

Mr. Block,

Please elaborate, because your post isn’t sufficient enough in content to describe why my original post was lacking enough content to inform people.

I thought I described enough information and I provided a blend. I’m modeling an iPhone which is a very recognizable product… I describe the portions of that said product and the troubles I was having. I also supplied the blend.

My 2.62 Blender does not like your .blend file for some reason. I was able to explore it for a bit but it was super slow and when I tried to edit the iPhone model itself, my Blender crashed.

I’m not a “pro” but my recommendation would be to drop the Boolean modifiers. They are known to be very slow and I don’t think that you should need them to model an iPhone. Are you familiar with the term “edge crease”? If not, you should Google “Blender edge crease” and watch a few tutorials. I’m assuming that when you say that your “mesh gets funky” when you add loops is is because you can’t get a truly rectangular section when you add an edge loop. “edge creases” are a way to tell Blender “don’t round out this edge” and this should make it possible to form the screen and the buttons.

In addition, I’ve seen a few time-lapses of people modeling consumer devices like PSPs and other phones. You might try to find some stuff like that to see how they handle the buttons and screen creation.


I agree, I don’t want to use Booleans, and I only did so because I lack the experience to do the tasks I’d like to do.

I will further research Edge Creases as I’ve never used them. I’m sure they will prove useful.

Thanks! :RocknRoll:

Various screenshots can help; draw on them specific areas that you are concerned about, then number them and explain your problems referring to numbers.

It’s a matter of luck; sometimes a post containing a blend file and a few words explaining will get a detailed response and a new blend from the person that looked at the issue; other times one sees some advise related to an image.

Cut down on your subsurf levels (level 5 for rendering !!!) and make your mesh as simple as you can, especially if you feel you need to use booleans (you don’t need then). Blenderguru made an iphone in one of his tutorials and watch some tutorials on how others modelled it, such as

Not everyone wants to open your blend file. You could have attached screenshots of your model showing the topology and any issues you have. If you ask for help you should make it as easy as possible for those who maybe willing to help you.

Thanks for the link! Awesome.

I’ll take screen caps next time of the exact thing in question.:cool:

I think your model is killing my computer. From what I saw before it started to crash was far too many faces but a nice looking model. Also, what Richard said.

Thanks everyone.

Edge Crease! How did I miss this. What I do [did] to get a sharp[er] edge is a Loop Cut many times, then I’d slide that badboy to the limits to sharpen it… and then when rendering I’d notice those harsh edges looked funky. Also, when I wanted to edit my geometry, I couldn’t because I’d have two Edges overlaping, so I’d have to hit Z and then border select, and sometimes delete and rebuild the holes left behind (because I couldn’t delete/select the correct edge).

Edge Crease is godsend. But…once I create this Edge Crease can I select it like I would an Edge Loop?

So for an Edge Loop I’d Alt+Click. For Edge Crease I’m Shift+Click, Click, Click. No big deal, but I’m worried if I have more than one edge crease, and say they intersect, I’m worried I’ll not know which Edge Creasing belong together… not sure if I’m making sense. Can you recommend any tricks.