Pro movie creature design

Well, i have finally finished my script for
“the hunters”, and am immersed deep inot the creature design

Here is the design of the main demon, the Aniax

this is one of the creatures i want the effects team to help me with.,…

still taking applicants…

[email protected]

comments and crits welcome

note… it usually walks on four legs, due to it falling over forwards in this pose[/img]

wow, very cool! But looking very evil :< :x :wink:
This is gonna be looking awesome when it’s finished!

cya henrik

With a sketch like that you can’t fail ;). I wish I could sketch well, it makes modelling so much easier.
I doesn’t really look like a soulthief though. I picture a soulthief as either a smallish gaunt spiderlike demon or a man in white shirt, grey tie and a grey smudge for face. This looks more like a “bone cruncher/marrow sucker/heart eater” or something like that :wink: (put a cigarette in it’s mouth and you’ll have a “lung waster” ;))
Right now I’m down to zero on spare time though, so I can’t help :frowning:

  1. pofo

I really have to agree. It looks like tha bouncer from hell, adept in all sorts of physical pain. A soulthief would probably be imagined by most as beng somewhat spirit-like.

in trhe context of the movie, it makes sense… dont owrry

yeah I’ll be keen to help out- I’m slowly working on a film idea myself. But it’ll be awhile before any of that gets done.

I’ll give anything a go- I’ll e-mail you some blender pictures if you want. I’m studying animation and video this year so I should be able to help out in a few places. What is the script? You should start up a website for it.


I could help you, I’ve got time, I’m 13, I’ve got about a MONTH (a WHOLE month) of experiece.

E-Mail me if you want me to help you in ANY way.

E-Mail me if you DON’T Want me to help anyway.

[email protected]

Oh Yeah, I’ve got a LOT of experience in animation.

Really an Excellent scketck Nayman :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see more


Awesome dude!

can’t wait to see it finished =D

I wanted to try some organic modelling again so I thought I’d give this guy a try. Only done the upper head yet, and it’s not very alike. It’s hard to know what it should look like depthwise from this view. Anyway, here is what I’ve made:

And here’s with just the drawing UV-mapped to it ;), my first ever try at UV-mapping.

  1. pofo

hey pofo that looks great so far…

i was thinking that the eye risges would be a little seperate. but i kinda like how yours looks…

If you would like to keep modeling, and make it detailed, who knows… maybe i’ll use it :slight_smile:

the teeth are very important… and mouth detail is crucial