Pro* users unite!

Are you fed up with the constant whining and whinging about how the Blender UI is horribly broken?

Do you want valuable time diverted from core and essential development to eye candy?

If your answer is yes and no, then now is your finest hour! Your software needs YOU! Speak up for the silent minority! Rally to prevent the revolution!

Viva Blender!

*For the purposes of the title of the post, inasmuch and wherefore the aforementioned term of art is employed as a contraction of the word “pro” indicates financially compensated employment of either a contractual or non-contractual nature, in this instance the said word is employed to indicate a significant degree of experience that would, under favourable conditions and both parties being willing, attract a remunerative consideration bearing the proposed, expected and, should that form a clause under any agreement written or verbal, delivered quality.

Dude, I don’t know where you live, but I’m betting it’s really late over there. So I’ll just say this: This is not a good idea.

EDIT: And go to bed.

Why yes, yes I am. Why are you starting a new thread to invite more whining? Go away.

@mods: Perhaps you could consider condensing these new UI threads (that are not the mockups or UI discussion thread) into one and putting them somewhere nice and roomy? Off-Topic chat sounds about right.

It was mid October when the Blender Civil war broke out.

I would like to see a documentary on this in the style of the blanket and pillow fort documentary in Community :slight_smile:

We need more art and constructive feedback, less of some of the other junk that goes on now. I am excited to see what happens when the depsgraph is rewritten/strengthened and gives us a stronger blender. That will be excellent.

This thread smells of Endi.

this is necessary?

Well, I agree that devs should spend their valuable time on functionality over design. Usability shouldn’t be neglected however.

What a stupid self centered post.

>pro users
implying youre better than everybody else or your opinions count more.

>I only care about new features and don’t care about usability for everyone else.
in essence.

the 2.5 ui update has been the biggest defining feature In attracting new users,

blender is public domain software, its biggest responsibility should be being accessible to the general public.

you chose to use blender when feature X hadn’t been implemented, so you were able to use it before, but what, now youre saying im gonna rebel against using it because features it doesn’t have yet are not there?

you could all be against it and what would be missed? Nothing cos youre not paying for anything and there will always be new members to replace you.

What a shameful post.

I find this “N00b vs Pro” mentality to be incredibly childish to be honest and this thread is only provoking even more fire in the “civil war” in this community.

Maybe the moderators should just make a sub forum just for whining? Then all these kinds of threads could be chucked in the circular filing cabinet where they belong.

I think it is appropriate…

I have to agree. What about the thousands of us that don’t fall into either category, more knowledgeable than the beginners, but haven’t reached “pro” status yet. We, by far, outnumber both groups put together and sadly, really haven’t voiced our opinions enough about the subject.

:RocknRoll: We don’t know who struck first, us or them. But we do know it was us that scorched the environment map. At the time, they were dependent on argument power. It was believed they would be unable to survive without an energy source as abundant as the whining.

Are you a Blender use who likes seeing the community drive improvements and are sick of a minority group of loudmouth elitists demanding progress halt in any area they’ve personally become accustomed?

Do you hate that time is being diverted from friendly progressive discussion into partizan “noob” versus “pro” flamewars?

Are you sick of having every problem with the software blamed on you for not knowing an obscure, poorly documented and non-mnemonic hotkey?

Then ignore threads by butthurt elitist nerds, because it’s not worth it!

implying youre better than everybody else or your opinions count more.

Many of the pros are pros 'cause they work with blender to earn money. They count more than an average 5-minute-blender-user to me.

blender is public domain software, its biggest responsibility should be being accessible to the general public.

It’s open source software, and open source software is not for everyone. Also see the goals of the Blender Foundation: “[…] To provide individual artists and small teams with a complete, free and open source 3D creation pipeline.”

Why are you bringing reason, logic and facts into this conversation?

I have a topic like this many years ago…
Moderators closed it.

Blender users dreaming about “big” things but dont like pros. :slight_smile:

Now you turn up? Where have you been? There is a war on, and every man, woman, child, alien and borg counts.

This is actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

Why did you start another thread on this? I am getting sick of the argument already. Blender users are worse than the US government when it comes to compromising a deal! :wink: