Prob an obvious answer... (v2.25 key)

(_Aorus_) #1

How do I install the key for Blender v2.25? I copied and pasted it into notepad and saved it as a *.txt, but that doesn’t work. What am I missing? Thx.

(sparhawk) #2

Blender idoesn’t have a key anymore. Download the latest version.
Blender is now Open Source.

(theeth) #3

the 2.25 (not 2.25b) indeed use a key.

to load it:

  • start blender
  • click the File menu at the top
  • click the Load key (or select Key, not sure what the name is)
  • browse to where you key file is
  • click on it and press enter

if it works, you should be able to go back to the file menu and click on show liscence key.


(VelikM) #4

The file comes as a ‘*.dat’ file I do believe. Try saving it with that extension.

(seval) #5

If you d/l the key by right clicking and saving the target as… it will automatically save as a .dat extension. Yes, I use Windows sometimes too…

(_Aorus_) #6

The problem is, is that for some reason I can’t click on “Save target as…” It just appears greyed out. How do I change this?

(_Aorus_) #7