Prob with my microsoft office...

(Ecks) #1

OK sometime when I try to open a file in any of the program of micrsoft office 97 (I know I am late) (I have window ME) it say insuffisant memory (memoire insuffisante in french). So I reinstall microsoft office and then (sometime a week, sometime a day later etc) it say to me the same thing… I check in my system proprety and I only use my memory at 68%… Someone have the same problem or have the solution???

(acasto) #2

At 68% memory usages, it sounds like you have quite a bit of stuff running in the background. Reinstalling office probably wouldn’t do anything for that. What I tell people though, is to first try and reboot. If this dose not fix it, do a scandisk (if necessary), a disk cleanup, and a defrag. Also, you may want to check you background processes running.

But if none of that works, I have this magical disk, that you boot up to it, type a few commands, and Windows will magically dissapear. It works wonders for problems like that

(Ecks) #3

I said to my father (it is the comp of my father) to erase all windows etc but he dont want because he have alot of important thing for is work on it and we dont have cd burner. I will buy one soon…I will install…burn his work directory…and then ERASE WINDOW MUAHHAHAHAHAHHHA…after that I will install :)linux:)

(theeth) #4

if you abosutly have to use Windows, at least use a decent version (2K or 98se), not Windows ME.