Probably a simple UV mapping problem

Hi all. I just started modelling with blender this weekend and so far it seems a pretty awesome software package and it’s quite a user friendly experience too. I’ve been able to work most things out so far by googling around and watching tutorials but I can’t seem to find out why my UV mapping is not doing what I am expecting it to do!

I’ve modelled a very simple shop from a cube but as I’ve added detail to the front of the shop (I extruded the door/windows section, after subdividing the faces) something odd seems to be happening. I’ve marked all the seams properly as far as I can see and I’ve done this in a few different ways, but whatever I do, the side walls don’t turn out to be square, even though they are a perfect rectangle (I made it by setting coordinates). They seem to come out as a fan shape when flattened… I’ve attached a screengrab of what I am talking about. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Have you tried unwrapping it using the conformal method?
Blender uses angle based unwrapping by default.

You can do this by pressing F6 after you have pressed unwrap and selecting conformal instead of angle based in the given menu.
You can also find it somewhere on the bottom of the T menu after you pressed unwrap.

Awesome, that did the trick!

Thanks for taking the time to answer, it’s much appreciated.

All the best.