Probably a stupid question

Yeah, I feel dumb for asking this but my friend and I are working on our first game, we both have graphics done for it but my question is: When making a game, do all the models for it have to be in the same .blend file and how can we use multiple animations for things like attacks and magic (the reason I ask that one is because only one animation at a time saves). Sorry for the newb question but we gotta figure this out so we’ll know if our work on the models and animation has been pointless or not lol.

  1. All models must be in the same .blend file. If they aren’t right now, just append them.

  2. I’m assuming you’re talking about using actions for armatures. Here’s how to use more than one per armature: Create your actions, giving them meaningful names, and everytime you want another press “ADD NEW” in the Action window (Sft+F12). To use the actions, use the Action actuator; setup of the brick is pretty self-explanatory.

You say only one saves? That’s odd. When you look at the list of actions, do they have “F” or “0” written beside them?

Thanks for the fast answer, I was just kinda curious because if it works how I think it does(probably doesn’t though) I would have a whole lot of scenes for 1 .blend. As for the actions, I haven’t really done them for the game yet, just from my past animating experience, blender only saves one animation, then you have to either delete it or write over it.

If theres an F button next to them it should assign a fake user so it doesnt get deleted. Or just set them up in an action actuator and the shouldnt be deleted.

a solution to your animation problem

frames 1-10 walking
frames 11-20 rest
frames 21-30 magic
frames 31-40 Attack
When you play the IPO just set the begining and end frame.

the reason I ask that one is because only one animation at a time saves

What do you mean by that? I can save as many actions as I want for characters. You can also just save the positions and rotations of some of the bones and mix them. Like moving the arms for a spell another throwing, etc. You just have to make sure the bones are only stored for one action, not both. Like save the feet and body in one animation, then mix different arm positions and run them at the same time. I can’t imagine a more versatile animation system. The only problem I have is that I can’t get rid of some of the ones I don’t want.