Probably an easy question re camera on path

Have some problem /BL 2.8/ with setting camera on a path, camera looking at some EMPTY.
I did per tutorial from YT but obtain unexpected results:

  • Ive set camera constraint TractTo EMPTY
  • I moved camera to a Vertex/Knot on Bezier circle/path
  • then Ive parented camera and that path
    And here the problem begins because camera jumps off from previous position, sometimes quite a distance…
    Why so and what it depends on? Even more fun: when unparent camera from path and set another constraint
    FolloPATH, camera jumps off completely somewhere away, moreover during animation camera follows some virtual circle away from that assigned…

If object A is parented to object B and and object B is then moved object A moves as well.
But it doesn´t really move. It only gets the movement from object B.
Now, if you parent object A to object C it of course gets unparented from object B which means that it also loses the movement from object B. Because of that it jumps somewhere else.

When parenting with Ctrl-P you can choose “Object - Keep Transform”. If you do that the object shouldnt jump.

Per another tut I arranged with constraints only and still NOPE.

Ah, if you parent it AND constrain the camera to the circle the two methods of connection the objects will get in each others way.

If you only constrain it without parenting and you still have issues the cameras location might not be 0,0,0.
This is what causes the offset. The cameras position is set to be on the circle by the constraint but in addition to that it is moved the distance of the cameras own location.

Looking at the images here; If by chance you are trying to set up a simple turntable, a better solution anyway is to do away with the path alltogether. Simply parent the camera to the empty and keyframe a rotation on said empty. Simpler setup and the motion will be smoother.

I exercise on a turntable example but plan to build a few free paths.
I tried both: parenting and constraint binding but neither seem to work properly,
I did not mix them together.
I suppose its my fault somewhere but cant find a rule so far.