Probably completely ridiculous question and or idea

To start I’m putting this here in the “Beginning Blender Code and Dev” section as I’m not sure quite where it fits. So if it needs to be somewhere else I’m sorry.

Okay, so I’m always looking at interesting ways to turn unexpected old/obsolete things into something useful. One of those ways is giving old hardware new life. Look, everyone has their own internet rabbit holes okay. Don’t judge me! Or do, I don’t really care lol. ANYWAY!

My current focus is the Xbox One. They are fairly affordable, and as well not the most desirable right now, even with all the shortages. Around me in the US, they are listed on FB marketplace for about $80-$150usd, and as well can be found online for cheaper if you know where to look. Sometimes even as low as $30 working. The way I see it is that is 8 cores ready to do some work for a fairly decent price. Even if they don’t have the highest clock speeds.

I’ve looked into installing an alternate OS like Linux, or standard Win10. All those roads come to a head in the same place, XboxOS has Dev mode so people stopped trying to crack it for homebrew. Which means an alternative OS is a no-go. So then I started looking in the other direction, Blender native on XboxOS with dev mode. Also limited results, and mostly people that want to noodle or, run Blender on a console as a way to get started. Which sounds neat, but for obvious reasons like the OS not having OpenGL requiring Blender to have DirectX support, it seems a bit moot. All of which leads me to where I am now.

Is it even possible? Does anyone even think it might be possible? As in CPU instruction sets required by cycles and so on. I don’t really care about the GPU since it’s nine year old Radeon stuff, and likely won’t get HIP or be compatible with it. What I see in my head is a headless blender much like the benchmark, only with rendering settings exposed and a place to choose the input / output directory and file. Then the typical render progress info.

Overall I don’t know if it’s even worth it, but it just seems like an interesting idea. I know there’s Sheep-It and others. However, that is not what this is about, so please don’t suggest it. This is about giving new life to old machines that are likely to go to their final homes in a landfill in the next year or so. That could honestly still have a little chooch left in them with the use of Blender.

I’m currently looking into compiling Blender as UWP because as far as I can see that can be run through Dev mode on the Xbox version of Windows 10. By saying this I am not trying to imply I exactly know what I am doing either. I’m just not afraid to break stuff and wanted to give an idea as to where I am at the moment. I’m also going to inquire about this in a decent Xbox homebrew community as soon as I find one.

Anyway, flame me, ignore me, or just tell me I’m an idiot and delete my post. Just thought I’d ask/bring up the thought with people who know more than I.