Probably easy - far off objects vanish (mist is off). Please help!

I’m new (to Blender and these forums) so firstly Hi!

More importantly though, all my far away objects (above about 100 units from the camera) wont show up in 3d view or renders. :frowning:
Mist is off so I have no idea what I’ve done…

I’ve been looking around trying to figure it out but it’s driving me mad - especially since it’s probably something simple… >.<

Many thank yous to anyone who helps me out.

For in the viewport: Press View> View Properties… and change Clip End under View Camera:. For the camera:
select the camera and go into the Editing Context (F9), and in the Camera Panel, under Clipping: change the End: value.

Hi, And Welcome!

Right click on your camera, Press F9 then under the clipping end value, change it to something higher, like… “1000”

Hope it helps, And welcome to BlenderArtists… :wink:

Edit: You wrote faster than I could respond “egan”… :wink:


Aha! Thank you both of you, sorted it right out. :smiley:
I knew it would be simple :stuck_out_tongue:

My stars show too now :smiley: Forgot they even existed trying to solve this >.<

You are very welcome!

Glad to help, and if you have anymore questions don’t hesitate to ask, we are pretty nice people here :wink: