Probably easy to answer for you but not for me

Hi everyone, im a new user of blender and i was trying to follow a tutorial and ran into a problem because it did not go for me as the youtuber explained. when i press viewport shading i do not get a instant lighting on my objects. instead it turns very dark , i would even call it a silhouet of the object.
its very hard to get to learn this program wich already is very big and confusing for a noob if in the first tutorials i follow my program does different things then showed.


This doesn’t appear to be a Paid Work Maria123. Stop using Auto Reply Bots.

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This is because there is no light source present near the object. To solve this, move the existing light source (Light) near the object you want to light and your object should be lit up.

Before adding Light Source:

After adding Light Source:

Notice that the object is lit in the 2nd image but isn’t in the first.

hi rambunctious , first off i corrected my error. you were right i posted it in the wrong section. but there is a light next to it. in the tutorial i followed he did not import a light or anything i made sure i followed it perfectly before i asked a question in the forums. but lets say i start a new general file, the simple cube if i press on the portview its totally dark also even though it has a camera and a light next to it

That’s odd. Try moving the light closer.

Also, I was talking about the bot (Maria123) who answered your question in less than a minute.

Check the edited version of my first response to see the difference.

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Are you, by chance, using an AMD GPU? If so, try downgrading your video drivers to version before 20.11.2. Recent drivers have issues with Eevee preview and rendered modes.

but the light is in the scene in my case.

yes im using amd

When I switch to material preview on my computer the object is still visible. I’m not sure what the problem is. As Stan_Pancakes said, downgrading your drivers could help.

thank both of you for your help i’ll try downgrading my amd gpu

Could you check if it works in this .blend file?
untitled.blend (737.8 KB)

well i downgraded to 20.11.1 and it stil happens :frowning: and also didnt work with your blend file

AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core Processor
6 Cores

Radeon RX 580 Series

now on version 20.11.1

Can you try rendering that scene using EEVEE and check whether the problem still persists?

If it still persists, can you share the .blend file so I can try to solve the problem.

im a beginner. i dont know how to do that tbh

Click on the Render button in the top-left corner and then click on Render Image.

Yes, you can also upload the file by uploading it from your device.

im very sorry. haven’t learned that much yet because i keep getting stuck at the beginner tutorial because of stuff like this

Before 20.11.2. Perhaps try one even before the 20.11.1. I don’t know which version works, exactly. People never say :crazy_face:

Can you change the rendering engine to Cycles and see if the issue persists?