Probably the coolest thing you're going to see today

What would happen if you crossed a lamborghini with the tumbler batmobile?


yea, it IS the coolest thing i have seen today, looks awesome so far!

No kidding, that is the coolest thing I’ve seen today. LOVE the tires. Love EVERYTHING. hehe… anyway, nothing really to comment on yet, except the concept, which rocks. And so far the execution looks good. I’ll be checking back for updates.

COOL! But some of the plating looks like it’s suspended in mid air.

that looks like the batmobile from the new batman movie

probably make a fool out of myself, because I would fall out!:yes:

Does anyone actually read posts nowdays? The op said " What would happen if you crossed a lamborghini with the tumbler batmobile?"

id use veyron rather than a lamborghini though… :slight_smile:

nice hard surface modeling there, btw… :slight_smile: cant wait for an update…

Like TV said, its cool but stuff seems to be floating around.

The windshield is ugly. Nice concept.

Intresting model, It must come with an anti-gravity device considering how the panels float about. I read an interview with effects guy who created the Tumbler. He basically took scale Hummer and Lambo models chopped bits of them and glued them into a Tumbler model which the movie’s engineers worked from. So it begs the question how much more Lambo can you add into it.

i beleive the reason the panels are floating is the connecting panels havent been modeled yet;…or at last thats what i figured :-p