problem#1:effective left/right walking movement

Hopefully I can explain this properly… Alright. I can make my character move left and right properly, however, He only faces right as he walks… In other words, I want my character to turn left when I push left, remain facing left, and walk facing left if the left button continues to be pressed. Conversely, once facing left, I want my character to turn right if he is facing left, remain facing right, and then walk right if the button continues to be pressed. This sounds stupidly simple to the untrained, but someone who tries this would come into complications, such as the character turning left EVERY time the left button is pushed. to attempt to combat this, I have my character parented to the empty that repesents the dynamic actor. This means that I can animate and shape-change my character without changing the dynamic actor’s orientation, while any movement by the actor will drag the character along for the ride, or in other words; my character is two seperately programmed parts; what it does, and what it looks like while it does it. If you need more details, or even a copy of my work so far, please don’t hesitate to ask, or Email me if you prefer. Thanks again.

Try this (not sure if it will work) :

make an empty for each direction you want him to face, and put them in position so that using a track to on his mesh will point him in the right direction. Parent these to an empty you place in the middle of the dynamic actor.

This is the part I dont think will work. Make this empty track the camera (but not 3d). And vertex-parent the empty to the dynamic actor. Check the “Little L’s” thread for more info on track tos.

MNME’s mode-change technique solved this problem, too. Methinks this is a technique everyone should know;)

sorry it took me so long to make it cigardude, I have been busy. but I made a demo just like saluks. I made mine, then came to see if you had resolved your problem and read saluks post. If you want my demo, I’ll send it to you.

Sorry if I misunderstood.

Nope, YamYam, Your demo is perfect :smiley: . And may I just say WOW, I love the texturing trick that makes the character look hairy. Sounds stupid, but considering the limits of blenders realtime texturing system, I think its awesome. I’ll try emulating it, based on your demo.