Problem 2.66 on OSX - cant grab bottom left !

I can’t grab and split the bottom left corner > instead OSX shows window rezise arrow.

When i want to grab the bottom left rubber to split, then i can’t do it, instead i do resizing the whole blender window, but i can’t click on the GUI rubber to split the (blender)window.

This happens only in the extreme bottom left, at the corner of the Blender due to the fact that the OSX UI is taking over the mouse for window resize.

Any ideas ? Or is this a known issue ? If yes, any workaround ?

Many thanks ahead !

SOLVED: It turns out that if you double click and drag instead of single click, then OSX will ignore window resize and you split the view. This is only the case for the bottom left corner of the window every other corner split will work with a single click only.