Problem#2 : use of properties for mode changes

Next up, is powerups! I know that an effecient method of powerups is to cause something, like say, a fireflower, to apply a property to the character so it knows to go into “fireball throwing” mode, when the flower is touched/collided with, or to go into “dead mode” after colliding with an enemy. I know this style exists, but I can’t get it to work! if someone knows of a tutorial that would teach me to assign/remove working properties mid-game, I would be extremely greatful.

Just put all the props you need on the character you will need. For instance: “FireMode”, “DeadMode”. If you make them an int, have it so that if the prop is 0, you wont be in that mode, if the prop is equal to 1, you WILL be in that mode. Then just connect the logic bricks so that the functions work properly.
If you need any more specific help, just ask.

MNME taught me first-hand this technique, but I may run into snags later. Right now I’m good :wink: . thanx again.