Problem#3:Making my char. follow a path

(SeaCigar) #1

As you may have already read, my game is going to be a 2D side scroller in a 3D world. I can make the path to the goal geometrically straight, but I want my character to follow an “invisible path” around and through landmarks, much like pandemonium or Klonoa. Can anyone help me with this?

(saluk) #2

What you want to do I think, is make invisible walls along the path that define where the path is you want to be. To make the character turn the right direction when it touches these walls, have an inner wall and an outer wall. Give each of them a differently named prop, say “innerwall” on one, and “outerwall” on the other. Then use logic bricks on the dynamic actorto the effect of “If hit innerwall, turn right, If hit outerwall, turn left”. This should keep the character on path.

To make the walls invisible, right click on the mesh, press f, make sure all the faces are selected (a either selects all the faces, or deselects them all), go to paint buttons, select invisible, and press copy drawmode.

Cant wait to see the game!

(SeaCigar) #3

Ha! thanks, Saluk. I’ve tried this before, but wouldn’t ya know that I didn’t know how to make invisible objects?:stuck_out_tongue: This should work, too. I hope you like the game when it’s finished!