problem about Dynamic in Game Engine

i don’t know why when i push start game in Game Engine, mesh will fly.Please help me to solve my error.thanks

hmm, sorry cant help without more info, doesnt seem natural.
u tried push “p” with an a new scene, just the cube camera and lamp?
if that works fine, u probably added something you didnt mean to

Hey tieuson,

Kinda hard to see what the problem is here without a bit more info, but I have just commented on your other post about movement and noticed in there that you had dynamics set on both the armature and the mesh.

With anyone starting blender they usually come across the usual starting issues of leaning how the dynamics work on a model, and having an object set dynamic that touches another dynamics/static/rigid body object will cause the dynamic object to be repelled. This may be the issue you are having here.

Also, note that the dynamic objects have a “collision bounds” area, so that even if the mesh you have is not clashing with another object, the collision bounds may not be set correctly and the game will think the mesh is clashing.

set the character object/mesh to “No Collision”!